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Email Counseling

Email counseling is provided via an exchange of detailed email messages.  Therefore, feedback and interaction are delayed.  However, this provides as much time as is necessary to compose what you want to express and to contemplate what you have written.  

With email counseling, the pace is slower and there is more time to develop feelings of safety and trust.   There is an opportunity to ponder and to go beyond first impressions and reactions toward deeper truths.  Also, because emails are forever, you can read your own words after they have been forgotten  This can be a powerful and useful tool that is a good reminder of what has been said as well as how much progress has been made on the path of healing and growth.

Email counseling can be done via regular email or using proton mail (which is encrypted). 

This mode of counseling has many advantages.  However, it is important to also share its possible disadvantages.  Please review these before arranging your session - see bottom of homepage.

To begin an email counseling exchange, pay for your exchange.  Then, you will send me a detailed email, giving me all the information you desire.  Be sure to include information regarding the following as it applies to your issue:

With what do you want help?
What is it you would like to know about or better understand?
What is it you would like to cope with more successfully? 

Within 48 hours, I will read and analyze your email and email you a well-thought-out, professional response.  The email you send me and my reply constitutes one exchange.  

My compensation is $45 per exchange.   
Payment is made in advance.
I accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 
You are welcome to use PayPal if you prefer.
Please feel free to use the "Buy Now" button below or go directly to PayPal and send the payment to